Before it melts asks the question: what else, what object, what material has to melt before climate change becomes a reality?

This idea focuses on melting in regard to climate change and its ongoing existence. The words 'melt' and 'melting' have large meaning and influence when speaking about climate change. For most climate change activists a large focal point is the ongoing melting of glaciers and sheets in Greenland, Antarctica and the Artic. The ripple effect that is spurred on by this melting consists of rising sea levels, changes in oceanic currents and changes in migration and fishing habits. With that in mind, we again ask the question what else has to melt?

For many climate change is fake, false and non-existent however others know that it is reality, that it is ongoing and that it is something to be concerned with. Temperatures are rising and with that comes melting but how hot does it have to get before we see the world around us melt? How hot does it need to get before we realise that this isn't compeletely natural? How hot does it need to get before we start to believe in climate change? What has to melt before us before we realise climate change is real?

The videos documented on here are to put forward that notion of melting and rising temperatures. Showing these everyday materials and objects melting we show non-believers and viewers how hot it really has to get and with that how much further temperatures have to rise.

Designing the change

In creating these videos and photographs we design dark imagery. Artistic but dark, we showcase what the world may come to yet do it in a mesmorising way. We design the change we want to see. Climate change is around and change must happen if we wish to have a future. Creating artworks and statements that are there to change our views, change our ideas and change the way we see ourselves are designs made for change. In regards to climate change we must design for change. If we want the world to change, if we want people to change we must design the change we want to see. Creating these videos', we are changing people's perspective, people's views, people's ideas and people themselves. We are designing the change.